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Visiting group of 2019 Green Production Frontier Technology and Management Seminar in the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry

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 The visiting group of 2019 Green Production Frontier Technology and Management Seminar in the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry came to Zhixin Group Holding Limited

for visiting and reviewing 

On July 16, the leaders and staff of the Concrete Branch of the China Construction Industry Association, the Concrete Branch of the Fujian Construction Industry Association, as well as representatives of the national concrete enterprises gathered together to hold a seminar on green production frontier technology and management of ready mixed concrete industry in Xiamen.

At the seminar, Leng Guangming, chief engineer of Building Materials Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Building Sciences, Huang Ran, Honorary President of Taiwan Concrete Society, and other top industry experts from both sides of the Taiwan Strait also gave key speeches, on topics such as high performance and durability of concrete, which provided many meaningful directions and ideas for the development of concrete industry.

As a demonstration enterprise of green production in China's concrete industry for many years and an excellent enterprise in China's concrete industry, Zhixin Group Holding Limited has become the designated green production site observation enterprise in this meeting.


Ding Fulin, General Manager of Zhixin Group Holding Limited, gave a work report at the meeting. The company took safety management, quality control, supply service, and green production as the management tool to establish and improve the quality, supply, and service management system. This paper expounds the green production management of Zhixin Group Holding Limited from eight aspects: dust control, production waste water control and management, rainwater collection, production waste residue control and management, noise control, equipment update, Informatization and intelligent production operation management, and plant environment. Over the years, Zhixin Group Holding Limited has adhered to brand awareness, quality, supply, and service. It has established a good reputation and image among customers, and its market share has increased year by year.


At 9:00 a.m. on the 17th, nearly 200 members of the delegation arrived at Zhixin Group Holding Limited for on-site visiting and reviewing. The guide of Zhixin Group Holding Limited led them to visit the parking lot, laboratory, mixing plant, aggregate yard, waste slurry disposal and pressure filtration system and other areas. They took out their mobile phones to take photos and enthusiastically consulted about various management work, The guests also interviewed the staff about their daily work, and all the staff of Zhixin Group Holding Limited gave answers one by one.








Original comments from the visitors——

—— Zhang Tong, Secretary General of the Concrete Branch of China Construction Industry Association

This time I came to Zhixin Group Holding Limited in Xiamen for on-site visiting and reviewing , and the most direct feeling was: eye opening Under the background that the country vigorously implements the concept of green development and promotes green production of concrete, Xiamen and Zhixin Group have achieved standardized green production, which can play a leading role in the country. We will bring these advanced practices back and introduce them to enterprises across the country and local construction industry associations.

—— Chen Zhui, Deputy Secretary-General of the Concrete Branch of Fujian Construction Industry Association

From the perspective of the whole province and even the whole country, Xiamen and Zhixin Group's green concrete production management are the “first movers”. This is not only due to the great attention and vigorous promotion of the Municipal Construction Bureau, the competent department, but also due to the fact that a number of concrete enterprises such as Zhixin takes the social responsibility spontaneously, have the courage to take the lead, are willing to make great efforts to transform and deliberate on the details, so as to make Xiamen concrete industry develop healthily and orderly and set off a "green storm" of environmental protection.