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New starting point, new journey -- Zhixin Group Holding Limited annual summary commendation meeting

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New starting point, new journey

On the afternoon of February 5, 2021, the leadership team and all employees of Zhixin Group Holding Limited gathered together to hold the 2020 annual work summary and commendation meeting in the open square in a simple and grand way.

At the meeting, the general manager Ding of the group, on behalf of the leadership, made a summary report on the 2020 work to the conference, affirming the performance and achievements of various work in the previous year, and also pointed out the shortcomings in the work, and required all departments to correct the existing shortcomings in time and take corrective measures.


The meeting also commended and rewarded outstanding employees and advanced teams with outstanding performance in 2020, and encouraged all departments to follow the outstanding ones, learn advanced, and catch up with the advanced.

The honor roll

Advanced worker

Enterprise management department: Xu Jinjiang


Excellent staffs

Transport department: Hou Zhanhua, Fu Wen, Wan Feng, Zhang Shilin

Pump team: Yu Hao, Yang Honglin, Zhao Lihong, Yin Lihong, Zhao Qunhua, Wu Yongping

Production Department: Ye Huashan

Laboratory: Rao Wenkun, Chen Longyan

Material management department: Liu Huishun


Advanced team

Pump team

Automobile repair team of Transportation Department

Advanced Characters in Jimei District

Wu Xiuyun


Xiamen worker pioneer

Civilized transportation team of Zhixin logistics and transportation department

Site team of Zhixin Building Materials Laboratory


Awarding ceremony:




Work Report:

In the report, general manager Ding gave instructions and arrangements for the company's work objectives in 2021, and emphasized that "quality, safety and service" are the fundamental factors of the enterprise development. It is required that each employee must closely penetrate these three elements in daily work and help the enterprise to develop steadily.