Zhixin Group Holding Limited ("The Company") and its subsidiaries, including Xiamen Zhixin Construction Material Group Limited, Xiamen Zhixin Construction Technology Limited and Xiamen Zhixin Logistics Limited (collectively as the “Group”) is a manufacturer and supplier of concrete-based building material in Xiamen, Fujian Province of the PRC. Our principal products can be broadly categorised into two types, namely, (i) ready-mixed concrete and (ii)precast concrete("PC") components. All of our Group’s products were sold in the PRC with primary focus in Fujian Province. 


We have many years of experience working with construction companies for various types of building and construction projects including (i) infrastructure, (ii) residential, (iii) commercial and industrial and (iv) municipal whereby we have established sound reputation in the construction industry in Fujian Province. For a decade, our Group was predominately a manufacturer of commercial concrete products. Embarking on the rapid development and urbanisation of Xiamen, our experienced management team contributed to our successful growth from a humble batching plant to a major ready-mixed concrete supplier in Xiamen under the leadership and visionary of our founder, Mr.Ye Zhijie.


In September 2014, in the wake of advancement and maturity of prefabricated construction techniques in western countries and its penetration rate in northern China, our Group seized the opportunity and began our capital investments into the production of PC components for prefabricated constructions by acquiring the land use right of a parcel of land that was later used for the construction of our PC Plant and became amongst the first enterprises in Xiamen to expand into the PC component manufacturing industry. Our PC Plant was put into commercial operation gradually in the second half of 2017.


Our Group currently owns and operates two production plants, namely the RMC Plant and PC Plant and leases one production workshop, namely the Jimei Workshop, in Xiamen. Given that transportation limitations and costs are important factors in making purchase decision for concrete-related products, the proximity of our production plants to customers and our truck fleet capabilities provide our Group with competitive advantage in terms of delivery time and logistic costs as compared to suppliers from further areas within Fujian Province.



1. We are a manufacturer in Xiamen offering high quality ready-mixed concrete with solid track record

2. We are well prepared and positioned to capture new opportunities in the fast-growing prefabricated construction industry

3. We adopt a comprehensive and stringent quality control system

4. We have an experienced management team with in-depth industry knowledge and skilled employees