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Long Lake Haicang Maluan Bay Project

    Longhu Chunjiang Bi'an Phase II Building 1# (Maluan Bay H2015P05 plot 4# plot 1# building) is located in Haicang District, Xiamen City. It is the first pilot project of Longhu Real Estate in Fujian Province to use prefabricated concrete technology. At the same time, it is also the first commercial residential project in Xiamen City that adopts prefabricated concrete shear wall structure. It is currently the building with the highest prefabrication rate among residential commercial houses in Fujian Province.

    The prefabricated building area of the project is 13900 square meters, the standard floor height is 2.9 meters, and the total building height is 91.7 meters. The 4th-29th floors are prefabricated, with the total prefabrication rate of 47.38%, the standard floor prefabrication rate is about 53%, and the assembly rate is about 78.5%.

    The prefabricated components of the project include composite floor, composite beam, prefabricated stairs, prefabricated shear wall, prefabricated bay window, prefabricated balcony and prefabricated air conditioning board. All prefabricated components are produced by our company.

    Since the beginning of the project, large-scale observation activities such as "Xiamen Prefabricated Building Construction Site Observation Meeting" and "Fujian Prefabricated Building Site Observation Meeting" have been held, with thousands of people attended; And during this period, many construction companies, supervision companies and colleges and universities have made have visited the project for comments and discussions, so that everyone have a more intuitive understanding of the prefabricated building, which has won the unanimous praise of the owners and supervisors. The publicity and promotion of prefabricated buildings promotion has played a huge role.