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Fuzhou Shimao Yuntu Project

    Fuzhou Shimao Yuntu Project is a shear wall high-rise building. The first phase 5#, 7#, 8#, the second phase 1#, 2#, 7#, and the third phase 3#, 5#, 6# are all prefabricated buildings. The types of prefabricated components used in this project include prefabricated composite panels, prefabricated composite beams, prefabricated decorative columns, and prefabricated stairs, with a prefabrication rate of 20.12%.

    This project makes reasonable use of automated assembly lines and thorough production plans to effectively ensure the timeliness of delivery and ensure the on-site progress node. The transportation team also overcomes the difficulties of long distances. At the same time, it adopts information management and uses QR codes to ensure components. The quality is traceable.